Efia Odo, a Ghanaian actress, said that Kwesi Arthur, is no longer the object of her affection.
Efia Odo claims that although she still enjoys his music, she has lost her passion for him.

Efia revealed it in a conversation with Osei Felicia on Onua FM.
Efia admitted to presenter Felicia that she no longer considered herself to be his biggest admirer.

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Efia responded when asked the reason behind her abrupt loss of affection for the artist;

It’s possible for someone to do anything to turn you off, at which point you may decide that you are no longer a fan. Although I am no longer his biggest fan, I still enjoy his songs.

@tv3gh official Original sound: Efia Ododiscusses her friendship with Kwesi Arthur on TV3 Ghana’s Onua FM and Adwuma Adwuma.
Ghanaians are shocked by EFia’s admission since she was unquestionably the rapper’s biggest fan. There were even rumors of a love relationship between the two.

She would attend his gigs, promote his music on her own, and even appear in one of his music videos.

Fans of Efia and Kwesi Arthur are curious to find out what sparked the conflict in the first place.