Fight betweenEyewitness Accounts, a Video Regarding the Conti-Katanga Clash for Knust Students students at the University Hall and Unity Halls of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology led to vandalism on Thursday night.

Students from Katanga Hall were taking part in a march as part of their hall week, but they ended up in the Unity Hall precinct.

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There was vandalism caused when students from both halls threw objects at one another. In order to prevent an escalation, security has been increased right now. The Ashanti regional security council issued a statement advising the university’s students to end all demonstrations.

In that regard, the Ashanti Regional Security Council has issued a statement urging students to refrain from breaking the law.

“The REGSEC is informing all students and residents of the university community that, all actions intended by any person or group of persons to disturb the current peaceful security in the university will be addressed with the legal instrument of the state,” the release noted.

REGSEC continued, “It is requested that people harboring such intentions desist from that and adhere to the law as any breach of the peace in KNUST and the region will be appropriately addressed.”