The ‘Awake Experience with Diana Hamilton’, The Diana Hamilton Ministries’ much-anticipated annual flagship gospel event in Ghana, will return in 2023.
The ceremony is set to take place on Sunday, February 19, 2023 in Accra’s Perez Dome and on Sunday, February 26, 2023 at Kumasi’s Bantama Church of Pentecost.

Since 2014, The Experience with Diana Hamilton has operated smoothly, with London serving as its inaugural host city. Its inaugural iteration was held in Ghana in 2016.
The main goal of the Awake Experience with Diana Hamilton has been to create a space where God might “walk in” with his presence and power, drawing individuals to be touched, healed, forgiven, and rescued.

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Large venues in London, Accra, and Kumasi have all sold out the event throughout the years, making it without a doubt one of the prominent events of choice on the calendars of gospel music fans in Ghana and around the world.

The Diana Hamilton Ministries wants to provide consumers and fans the finest possible experience this year.

There will be a session called “Sit with Diana” leading up to the 2023 Awake Experience with Diana Hamilton. Young gospel preachers will receive some mentoring and coaching from “Sit with Diana.” With the title sponsors and other sponsors, Diana will also participate in certain outreach programs and events. Specifics will be provided in due time.

Awake Purified Drinking Water and Enterprise Life are the sponsors and powering partners of Diana Hamilton’s 2023 Awake Experience.

Check the video from the launch below;

Source: Ameyawdebrah