Efia Odo, a Ghanaian actress, has said she is open to taking part in the#FixTheCountry campaign once more but in a different way this time.
The actress was one of the well-known figures who used her voice and platform to further the #FixTheCountry movement and protest.

After getting several death threats on social media, Efia Odo unexpectedly withdrew from the demonstration.
In a recent interview with Zeinat on Ameyaw TV, Efia said that she had to resign when the threats got too serious and her mother’s entreaties to do so.

“The “fix the country” thing, obviously, was something I undertook with Kalyjay and the other people because, at the end of the day, I have a lot of compassion for Ghanaians, like I see how people are suffering every single day, we all complain about certain things that are going on in this country so why not use my platform and you know talk about it, but it got too extreme, it got too political and I didn’t want to go that direction to the point where I swore at people

Efia claims she left the demonstration but is ready to return in the future, albeit in a different position.

The actress, who is currently concentrating on a musical endeavor, declared that she intends to utilize her “Odo nti foundation” to improve the nation in the years to come.


Therefore, I’d now like to use my NGO to improve the nation. Therefore, if there are any things I can do to assist the country get better, such as supplying tables, chairs, and hospital beds for rural villages, I will do them; but, criticising the government and such such things, naa. I mean, I’ll still share my opinions on Twitter, but considering the course we went with “Fix the Country,” I doubt I’ll do it once more, she said.

Efia Odo also made it apparent that she will support the people of the country and be able to aid in its development through her “Odo Nti foundation” and other significant initiatives in the near future.

So, “Odo Nti Foundation” is an NGO I’ve had for a few years now. We address societal problems, whether they pertain to children who need computers or specific schools that don’t even have…

I don’t have the money to complete large projects, but in the future, I want to build hospitals, schools, and even mental institutions, so this year, I want to have a fundraiser that will also benefit the foundation and advance social goals.

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