Erkuah Official, a TikTok star, tells why she turned down a GHS 50,000 promotional offer.Ghana’s most popular Erkuah Official Tiktoker has revealed how much money she makes from her TikTok videos and why she rejected down a lucrative offer from a brand for a GHS 50,000 promo.

Erkuah Official, whose real name is Janet Offei, is a renowned social media influencer with over 2.7 million followers who like her hilarious skits and dance videos.

She rejected allegations that she has made over $200,000 from Tiktok in an interview with Delay on the ‘DELAY SHOW,’ but revealed that she had turned down large sums for promotions.

In response to an inquiry on why she declines business offers, Legon, a Political Science student at the University of Ghana, said: “As time passes, I mature and my rating cards evolve. It wasn’t the offer itself that I had a problem with; it was the duration. Because it wasn’t a fair value when you compare the duration to the month.”

Delay is now the official host of Wontumi Radio’s Drive Time.

She claims that, in addition to the money she earns on the platform, she has benefited greatly from opportunities she has encountered through her contacts with her followers.

Erkuah Official went on to say that the most money she’s ever made from a single brand contract was GHS30,000.

After one of her videos went viral during the COVID-19 shutdown, Erkuah Official jumped from having less than 1,000 followers to having over 80,000.

Watch the entire interview in the video below.

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