In a new interview, Black Sherif tells Abeiku Santana that his parents are wealthy.

Black Sherif has stated that he is not from a low-income family, as he portrays in his music.

The rapper and musician, whose latest single Kwaku The Traveller, which was published a few days ago, is doing well across all digital platforms, told ace presenter Abieku Santana on Okay FM that his parents are financially secure.

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. “Be Bold is my father’s name.” He explained, “My father and mother are both in Greece.” “I’m not Dada ba,” she emphasizes, “but my father is a great man with money.” “He deals with automobile tyres,” said Abeiku Santana when asked.

“So if you need tyres, go there,” he said, “and if you mention my name, they can direct you.” My father is also interested in engines, so he has something little in his pocket.”

Wei Y3 Oteng, in a related development, has endorsed Black Sherif to shine at this year’s Vodafone Ghana Music Awards, emphasizing that he has street credibility, which makes him top-notch.

Black Sherif has done enough to make himself prominent in the public in such a short time, according to Akorfa on Simply Showbiz, and deserves to win some honors at the VGMAs.

“I’m not going to let anything get in the way of Black Sherif.” Because, truly, Black Sherif’s song sprang out of nowhere, like a wildfire that was continually fuelled to the point of a collaboration, which he never initiated.

“You have the First Sermon, which never took the people lightly and penetrated everyone like a sharp arrow, and then you have the Second Sermon, which set the bar for the First Sermon and captured the attention of the international scene and had everyone,” he continued.

Black Sherif’s vibrancy on the streets, consistency, and exposure to the international market, according to Oteng, are the crucial components that will ensure his victory in the Best New Artist category.


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