• The French Ambassador discusses the GHAMRO structure.
  • The French Ambassador expresses reservations about Ghana’s royalty structure.
  • The French Ambassador discusses showbiz issues.

HE Anne Sophie Ave, the French Ambassador to Ghana, has questioned why Ghanaian musicians are not wealthy from music royalties.
Considering the magnitude of work invested in their craft and the distance their songs have traveled, she believes Ghanaian musicians should be billionaires by now.
In an exclusive interview with Talkertainment host Elsie Lamar on GhanaWeb, H.E Anne Sophie shared her thoughts on the growing concerns of incompetence surrounding the GHAMRO structure.

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“If you take artists like Shatta Wale, Sarkodie, Stonebwoy, and even those who had one big hit like Kelvinbwoy’s Downflat, they should be rich by now.” If these people were in Europe, they would have to sit and wait for royalties to fall. I’m curious why they aren’t wealthy solely through royalties, not concerts. When you consider the number of views, downloads, streams, and other achievements, they should be billionaires by now. There should be something that can be tweaked, improved, or strengthened so that they can make a living from their craft. With the magnitude of everything they’ve accomplished thus far, they should be billionaires by now.

She also discussed the French royalty collection system known as ‘Sacem,’ and how musicians are acquiring multigenerational wealth through it.

“We have a strong royalty institution that collects money from everyone who performs music and pays the musicians.” This system is extremely efficient. They became billionaires with just one hit, and their children are also supported by royalties.

Shatta Wale received over GHQ30,000 in GHAMRO benefits in February 2022, making him the highest-paid beneficiary in recent history.

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GHAMRO’s new organizational structure Previously, in December 2021, GHAMRO Chairman Rex Omar hinted that most musicians will earn more money from their songs than they do now.
The music rights society announced that it has joined forces with an Irish company that assists in tracking the songs that are played.

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SOURCE: Ghanaweb

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