Popular Ghanaian slay queen and TV host, Andrea Owusu also named Efia Odo has given her formal good friend and Dancehall artist Shatta Wale a long piece of mail regarding his music.

Efia Odo shared her admiration for the art of Shatta Wale, and commended him for his outstanding talent.

Efia Odo cited, though, that she is not professionally pleased with the consistency of Shatta Wale ‘s music.

According to the controversial socialite, the songs of Shatta Wale lack poor mixing values because he doesn’t invest resources in his song’s technical production which makes it substandard.

This she revealed produces noise to her ears whenever he plays his music.

Taking to her Twitter page, Efia Odo wrote;

”Hello my dear
, my name is Efia. There is a little piece I’d like to bring your attention to it regarding your music. I started paying keen attention to yr craft since the release of your last album. It was a cool project. But I felt you could have done more per..

…your status in the music industry. The only Ghanaian Act with the biggest international collaboration. I love Sarkodie personally, but since that collabo, I’ve actually saluted and respected the feat you’ve achieved and hence the main reason why I began to follow your craft.

Charles @shattawalegh, one very big problem I have with your craft is “production”. You’re very talented, even miles ahead than your colleagues. You could write great lyrics but input zero effort for quality sound. Most of your sounds have poor mixing techniques and often you…

…could hear this unseeming noise like an echo producing in the background. It really frustrates & makes the listener finds it difficult to repeat the song for the second or multiple times. As a music lover, 1 thing I do get attracted to songs is quality production b4 lyrics..

@shattawalegh please we are in an era where people even cherish sounds (quality) more than lyrics and for the genre of music you do, I expect you to pay more attention to your sounds and do away with the unnecessary echo/noise in the background of your songs.

Problem 2, @shattawalegh please do colloborate with your colleagues (both local & Africa or Intern.) I’ve not seen a big artist who don’t collaborate with their peers in the game. Even Jay z, Beyoncé, Kanye West and the likes do collaborate. Collabs expand your listeners and..

…give massive appeal to a wider audience, hence growing your craft in general.
you can do this. You have the capacity so please do this for your own good & the people of Ghana.
@Stonebwoyb, &@sarkodie are doing that, and it’s helping them & our country.

Final problem is the “indescriminate releasing of songs” with no proper timing & less effort for promotion. Charles,
I’ve realized this has been your thing since, but past times isn’t present times. I learnt you’ve released over 80 songs this year but I know of…

…only “#AkweleTake” and prolly “#SleeplessNight”. The latter, I’m sure isn’t known by many.
Charles pls sit down and assess everything I’ve said,& I’d be glad if you consider it & restrategize.”

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