NANA ADJOA” is the teaser for Resta Amoanimaa Sarpong, an aspirant for UCC Local NUGS women’s commissioner.Nana, Adjoa, the suitable leader for the position, is a level 300 student reading B.Ed Social Science.She is also the PRO of KNH women’s wing as well as the major organizer at the local church.

The beauty with brains aims to bring on board the PIE agenda.
P-prioritizing the health care of women on campus.
I-intensifying the education on sexual harassment .
E-entrepreneurial skills training.

Team “NANA ADJOA” is not here to make empty promises.She is a lady of action, a leader inherent with great public speaking and effective communication skills.

On this coming voting day, the crown must be given to whom it fits.Competency must take over UCC Local NUGS.Nana nie,WOCOM nie.It’s time to experience the commissioning with a difference.

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