The 27-year-old rapper claims that dating an older woman is less stressful and that she is laid-back and pleasant.

As Kweku Darlington prepares to release the music video for his love song “Osama,” he makes the statement.

“The older ladies want nothing more than to have fun, and because I also enjoy having fun a lot, I view them as an ideal match.

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You will experience a variety of interruptions that might have an impact on your work when dating a younger person, which can be quite stressful.

Kweku Dralington stated in an interview, “I like to hang out with an older person because it is a safe haven for me.

Kweku Darlington responded, “For now, I am single and still looking,” when asked if he was dating an older woman. I don’t want to rush into anything just now, but when the time is perfect, you all find out,” he remarked.

Since his debut single, “Sika Aba Fie,” Kweku Darlington has released a string of sparkling smash songs, including “Sika Kankan,” “Onipa,” and “Baabi Awu,” among others.

Let’s check up this video below;