On Friday, January 13, 2023, Kim Chakanetsa and The Comb will be back to offer more intriguing and unseen tales from all throughout Africa.

Kim Chakanetsa and her crew have been scouring the continent seeking novel viewpoints and tales, from recovering a Cameroonian statue in Germany to investigating the experience of being wrongly accused in Malawi.

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The Comb will once again this season explore tales that frequently go undetected and elevate voices that frequently go unheard, according to presenter Kim Chakanetsa. We wish to continue igniting debates with our distinctive narrative.

The Comb is produced by the same team behind BBC Focus On Africa, which is renowned for providing incomparable coverage of the continent (Mary Goodhart, producer, and Pearse Lynch, editor).

The topics covered in this season of The Comb are diverse and include:

  • How a woman’s quest to reestablish her Cameroonian ancestry resulted in the recovery of a sacred monument that Germany had taken away more than 120 years earlier
  • Unexpected allies came together to fight against gender-based violence in Namibia.
  • The relationship between mental illness and motherhood in Kenya
  • The repercussions of civil war on a young girl reared in Somalia throughout her youth
  • How being introduced to a Bible study group in South Africa led a lady to wonder if she was a member of a cult
  • The incident that led a Nigerian family residing in the UK to reconsider their parenting style
  • We’ll also continue the account of how a man’s life in Malawi was altered by false accusations.The BBC’s podcast is accessible for free on most podcast and audio-streaming platforms as well as at www.bbcworldservice.com/thecomb.




Director of BBC World Service and Senior Controller of BBC News International Services Liliane Landor states: “The Comb showcases the talent and knowledge of our Focus On Africa team. I hope the audience for The Comb keeps expanding and takes an active interest in the subjects and narratives presented this season.

Editor of BBC Africa News & Current Affairs Alice Muthengi: “I am really pleased of Kim and her team. Each season of The Comb demonstrates the commitment to looking for undiscovered tales and treating them with great respect. This season is intriguing and educational, so I’m confident that our listeners will get something new from it.