During a TikTok live, a TikTok user known as Sexyafrah, A man who also has a TikTok account under the name kwakumanakan.tv joins the host live. and he sent an invite to join the lady on live so they could communicate verbally. The lady who is known as the host accepted his invitation, and this is how it all began:

The man, who did not reveal his identity, whether he is a pastor or not, began to advise the lady that she should not eat while on live because the way she eats seduces men. The host didn’t seem to be comfortable with him continuing to eat her snack, so she did it frequently. When the man became agitated and began making hurtful statements, the lady walked to her freezer and took an ice cream, which she then ate to aggravate him even more.

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Simply watch the video to see it for yourself. Please see below:


Is the english for me😂😂

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