This Is How My Father Influenced My Music Career – Black SherifMohammed Ismail Sherif, also known as Black Sherif, a young Ghanaian sensation, has shared his greatest motivation in life and in his music career.

Black Sherif, a musician, and performer, stated that his father’s nickname “Be Bold” motivated him and encouraged him to work harder in his music career.

Black Sherif revealed how his father inspired him to take his songs to TV and radio stations for airplay in an interview on the Kastle Entertainment show to commemorate this year’s Father’s Day.

“I remember some time back, maybe 2019 or 2020, my father called me and said, won’t you take your songs to TV3 and other stations and have them play it for you because I’ve never heard your music played before,” he explained.

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“So I told my father that as for those places, I need to pay a lot of money before they play my songs, and he told me to be bold and take my songs to those places,” he said in a one-on-one interview with Amansan Krakye.

“He said to me my son, take your songs there, and when you get there, tell them this is your song, and play it for me because my father is known as being bold, and that’s actually his nickname,” he concluded on Kastle FM in Cape Coast.

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