Black Sherif Kwaku The TravellerWatch _ Black Sherif Kwaku The Traveller Music Video (Official Trailer)

The most anticipated song we all waiting for the music video is almost here.

The music video for Ghanaian musician Mohammed Ismail Sherif Kwaku Frimpong, known professionally as Black Sherif famous song Kwaku The Traveller” is yet to be displayed to the world. This comes after a short video has been circulating on the internet claiming to be the official trailer for Black Sherif’s hit song Kwaku The Traveller.

Watch Black Sherif_ Kwaku The Traveller (Official Lyrics)

This could be true, as per what we have heard from sources. Others are saying Kwaku The Traveller is rather a movie, not just a mere music video, and from what we sighted from the circulating video, it appears to be a movie trailer that includes Black Sherif and his recent hit song, Kwaku The Traveller, was played.

Watch the trailer below:

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Also, The most anticipated song we all waiting for is here. Black Sherif coming in with “Kwaku The Traveller”

Enjoy the lyrics below:

Verse 1

Kweku Killa don’t lie when I say I

did it, I did it

Big stacks big cash my way but

still 1 fumbled it

Under one minute

Still I can’t believe

But I can’t blame myself for

this shit

I knew mandem was born for

this shit

Of course I fucked up

Who never fuck up hands in the

air, no hands?

Still I can’t believe, you know what

I mean

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I was young what you expect

from me?

It is what it is

But I keep going o

More like a rolling stone

Cause I have no stopping time

Can’t nobody stop a man

Oh I keep going a

More like a rolling stone

Cause | have no stopping time

Can’t nobody stop a man!

I go dey run my race

I’m gonna keep my pace

Cause I really have no one

to blame

When I fall again

I can’t stand this pain

I can’t watch me fail

So anytime you pray

Remember my name