An anonymous person has come out with a letter to express his feeling about how Ghanaian Rapper Michael Owusu Addo known professionally as Sarkodie has been sleeping on his projects especially his recent albums while if he has worked harder his work could get a grammy nomination. below is what was stated in the letter:

4 April 2022 at 7:25 AM

Dear Sark, I want to know why you drop albums and
then decide to sleep on them. The one album that
could easily have earned us a Grammy nomination
(Mary), you slept on it. No tour, no worldwide promo nothing.
You dropped Black love and fixed dates and venues for
tours but you later suspended the project due to covid
and lockdown, cool. After lockdown, you snubbed it.
Then you dropped “No Pressure” which has so far
done well with the streams but again, No proper
promotion. Just tik tok for NLT and vibes. You rather
went to do a virtual show on the dubai desert. Hm
The first and last time you went on a world tour for an
album was in 2012 for Rapperholic, and since then,
youve released 6 albums including an Extended play.
I’m not here to advice cos you know way better than I
do. My problem is why you aren’t doing the needful? Or
are you just ok with winning the 3 musics and vgmas??
We need you out there king! Go on tours. The other
parts of the world need to hear you. Yabr3 ne yamas.
no o