After Will Smith slapped the comic onstage at the Oscars, Tony Rock is standing by his older brother Chris Rock. After the actor walked on stage and slapped Rock across the face for making fun of his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith’s bald head, Rock and Smith were trending topics on social media.

Pinkett Smith, who has alopecia, rolled her eyes in response to the comedian’s joke.

Tony responded to a series of fan questions on Twitter Tuesday, March 29, as part of his weekly ritual, and offered his thoughts on the terrible incident. “Foul,” the actor said when asked how he felt about the whole thing.

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Tony and Chris Rock are two of eight siblings, including two sisters. One person asked the actor how Chris was doing, and Tony replied, “All of them are fine.”

The Smiths and the Rocks have been pals in the music industry for years, but neither expected what happened on Sunday night. Fans asked Tony if he would be open to having a formal sit-down with his family and Will, given his history of working with the Smiths.

“Given that you worked with the Smiths for a number of years on all of us, and Will has never done anything like this in decades of being public, are you open if he speaks directly to Chris and the rock family?” they asked.

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“Waiting…” Tony said.