Sista Afia, a Ghanaian singer, is dissatisfied with the country’s award schemes, which give out prizes to singers depending on the number of votes they receive from the public.

The ‘Asuoden’ singer complained how some female musicians abandon up since award schemes do not favor them in lengthy social media posts.

She mentioned Sefa and Gyakie’s hard work from last year, which she believes qualifies them for an award at the recently concluded 3Music Awards.

Her approach was to propose award schemes to recognize musicians’ hard work in the previous year, but not solely on the basis of bought votes.

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She feels that by doing so, rewarded artists will be motivated to put in more effort in order to gain more recognition.

While acknowledging that organizers must make a profit on their investment, the popular musician remarked that the thievery is outrageous.

She grabbed the chance to praise Sadiq Abdulai Abu and his crew for a fantastic event, posting a few days after the 3Music Awards 2022.

You may read the rest of her post below:

You might question why some female artists in Ghana give up in a country where award programs are organized and don’t “favor” female musicians. 90% of the female musicians I met when I first started out in 2015 have all given up, and the young ones who arrived after me have also begun to give up.
Don’t blame them; this industry’s politics are pure voodoo. Only a few women are still relevant; I can think of five or six. One female rapper I assisted in winning her largest award in her whole music career went on a media tour and discounted my efforts, despite the fact that the entire industry came out in support of her, and she forgot what I started, which helped put her there.
But, because she believed she was there, she loved the hype and was ungrateful, I can certainly tell she and her songs have all turned beans today. Where is that industry support today? Sefa was everywhere last year; is the industry saying she won’t be awarded until she buys votes (airtime)? Scam. She gave a successful concert in HO, and I was there to support her together with other musicians. Nonetheless, they will choose someone else.
As if women don’t matter in awards, miserable Gyakie, this lady needs to win something at the very least from the VGMA, because you can’t claim you didn’t see her win from every aspect. On a national and worldwide scale.
Occasionally, fkkk the “vote for your favorite artist by using this shortcode” and award the prize to the person who truly deserves it.
I realize how tough it can be to organize award ceremonies, deal with artist management, and the stress of finding sponsorships; after all of that, you want to make money because you don’t want your hard work to go to waste, which is fine and understandable.
The thievery, however, should not be overt. Yes, it happens everywhere, but take a moment to sit down, examine the situation, and be brave enough to award those who actually deserve it. Ghanaian music has a bright future ahead of it.
And I must thank my dawgment husband Sadiq Abdulai Abu and his capable team for what they did at the just concluded 3Music Awards’22; this will undoubtedly go down in our annals of history.”