Burna Boy, a Grammy Award-winning artist, was involved in a “serious accident” in his Ferrari on Saturday night.
After viral videos claimed that the musician was engaged in an accident, the artist verified the occurrence on his Instagram stories.

According to the Grammy Award-winning artist, he crashed his Ferrari and suffered minor injuries to his legs, but he was otherwise unharmed.

Yes, it is true. Today, I had a bad accident with my Ferrari. Burna Boy wrote, “My leg just hurts a little, but I’m fine.”

He, on the other hand, thought it was amusing that others were filming him rather than attempting to assist him.

“It’s just amusing how everyone came out with phones in their hands, recording me instead of trying to help (I guess they were just as excited to see me regardless of the situation lol). Gambo got me)”

Despite the fact that bystanders were more delighted to see him than to aid him, the Ye singer revealed that he still loved his fans.

The three-time Grammy nominee went on to say that his late best friend, Gambo, who he had previously eulogized on his behalf, “got” him.

Below is a video to watch:

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