SEOUL: Under the Employment Permit System (EPS), the South Korean government has agreed to eliminate visa limitations on foreign workers (E-9 visa category), allowing Pakistani laborers to enter the country.

President of the Republic of Korea’s Human Resource Development Department, Uh Soo-bong, informed Pakistan Ambassador to the Republic of Korea (ROK), Mumtaz Zahra Baloch, that the Korean government has agreed to abolish the visa limitation for E-9 workers under the Employment Permit System (EPS).

Official sources told state-owned APP that this step will open the road for Pakistani EPS workers to arrive in the Republic of Korea.

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The wellbeing of Pakistani E-9 workers and the future of the EPS system were discussed extensively during the discussion.

Ambassador Baloch commended the Korean government for making it easier for Pakistani employees to stay in the nation and for their well-being.

The Ministry of Employment and Labor of the Republic of Korea declared on Friday that the government will relax limitations on foreign workers’ entry as the country works to restore normalcy in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak.

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Last year, South Korea imposed a restriction on foreign employees entering the country due to the outbreak.

Pakistan is one of the sending countries to the Republic of Korea under the EPS program, a government-to-government initiative that permits Korean enterprises to engage foreign labor in industries like agriculture, fisheries, construction, and manufacturing.