Bhadext Cona has shared the music video for her song Bolga on social media.

The video, on the other hand, has the same theme and feel as the video for Kuami Eugene’s Bunker.
The Bolga hitmaker had previously claimed that the Kuami Eugene hitmaker had’stolen’ her song and made it his own.

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Comfort Sticking, better known by her stage name Bhadext Cona, a rising Ghanaian female singer, has allegedly given Kuami Eugene a “taste of his own scheme” in her latest video.

The Bolga hitmaker, who recently released the official music video for their song, appeared to be inspired by Kuami Eugene’s Bunker video, which was released a few weeks ago.

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Both music videos were made into a collage and showed striking similarities in a video sighted by on Instagram.

Cona Bhadext and Eugene Kuami Instagram users @bhadextcona, @fillaboyzdotcom, and @kuamieugene Instagram is the source.

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There were some minor differences between Bhadext Cona’s video and Kuami Eugene’s, but it was clear that there was a case of ‘copying.’