Hajia Bintu, a Tiktok star, saw Serwaa Broni’s massive trend and decided to join in and take some for herself.

Hajia is said to have been impregnated – by her own manager.
According to sources, the couple got together beneath the sheets and the Good Lord decided to bless their union.

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The allegation was made by the instal blogger Aba the Great in an Instagram post.
Bintu’s manager, she claims, has a bun in the oven.

“According to my source, Hajia Bintu is pregnant for her manager,” Aba wrote.

This is the first indication that something is going on, and we’re going to dig deeper and bring you any additional information we can find about it.

Can you blame the man if this is true?

Working day in and day out with a fine specimen like Hajia Bintu, who is always dressed seductively and poses in seductive poses, must be difficult.

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I guess it just got too much for them one day, and they gave in to their temptations.

Unfortunately, the man’s swimmers were too quick for Postinor-2.

Check Aba’s post below…

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