Experts believe Queen Elizabeth has been using her royal work to help manage the heartache that’s resurfaced by Prince Philip’s passing.

This claim has been made by journalist Dawn Neesom and during her interview with the Jeremy Vine panel, she admitted,

“She’s 95 years old, she works extremely hard, she’s incredible – I wish I had half her energy at half her age.”

“I’m in awe of the amount of work she’s carried out this year, especially since she lost Philip. I mean the man had been by her side literally since she was a young woman.”

“She’s given her whole life to it and her example is brilliant, leading by example for her family. If I was her I’d be looking around at the rest of the family going ‘I’ll carry on a bit longer thank you very much chaps!’.”

“So I’m hoping that she does, God willing and God bless and I hope she really recovers and gets back to work. I think it’s also good for her by the way, I think it’s probably keeping her going, especially with the huge hole she must have in her life now without Philip.”

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