UCCABS presidential aspirant, one Mr. Foli Jonas Kafui affectionately known as FOLI P3 with his team, donates electrical materials to commence an extension of ten additional socket at the UCC School of Business library.
Some of the materials they donated were;
10 multi-slot focus double sockets,
10 focus patteress box
60 yards of high quality Turkey cable and
1 box of wooden screws.

Gentletheblogger probed to find out what necessitated the plausible act taken by the UCCABS presidential aspirant (FOLI P3) and his team.

“ We believe that the interest of the student populace should at all times be advocated for irrespective of its cost, and that has been the driving force behind this donation. I realized that students who frequent the SoB library find it very challenging to charge their laptops and phones especially when it is running out of power during their study time in the library. I was triggered by the situation and had to seek permission from the Senior Librarian (Dr. Barfi) to engage the issue since it was within the strength of the team and myself.” Foli revealed.

Again, Gentletheblogger inquired whether the donation should be considered as part of Foli’s philanthropical duties or otherwise, since his contributions towards the advocacy of students’ welfare (i.e., Donations, last semester’s MEGA TUTORIALS, the dissemination of solved past questions, assisting level 100 students especially those on the Nduom campus in the search for hostels, drafting of simplified timetable and others) stands exceptional and rear even for aspirants running for SRC positions.

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“It will be needless to say that they’re for political expediencies, so long as l’m glued to advocating for the interest of the student populace without relenting.” Foli replied. He also promised that his team is going to follow up to get the sockets fixed within the week.

Upon engaging some of the students to take their views on the donation, one B.com accounting student who was present at the time described the UCCABS presidential aspirant (FOLI P3) as a visionary and announced that Foli’s level of assertiveness is what’s needed to revitalize their noble association. “With Foli, I’m foreseeing the restoration of hope and numerous opportunities in UCCABS” The student added.