Is there anyone so beautiful like you are?I’m not flattering you look like the milky stars

I’m certain even the angels might be wondering of this;
cos you’re like one in disguise jus that you were created without wings.
Even if I was born blind I could still tell how beautiful you are
be the most skillful artist and draw an image of you above.

I think of you at least a hundredth times
I dream of you each and every night
I’m in love with you;
But I’m just afraid,you might be an angel or an ancient muse.
I reminsce those days when the celestials fell from the sky.
Just like them you’re flawless and perfect as if divine.

Your beauty I’ve never seen such before
Though I’m a casanova, with you I’ve fallen in love.
I’d want to be in the starry sky dancing with you to the tune of the violin
So I could look into your eyes and tell you how much I love you Evelyn.
You’re my world and all I have is you.

written by the_juvenilia.

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