Jayana, a gospel singer, has spoken out about what seems to be the new standard, of women going under the knife to get their bodies contoured.

Mercy Bee, the Ekumfi Princess, said on the Girl Vibes show on eTV Ghana that if women understood or saw the traumatic aspects of these surgeries both before and after them, they would refuse to have them.

They just show us the end result and the glory of it, but if they showed us what they went through from the beginning to the end, people will be able to decide if they really want to do it,” she said.

Although her encounter of a knife entering her body was not during a body enhancement operation but during childbirth, Jayana said that she would not recommend liposuction to anyone because the pain, even with the caesarean section, was intolerable.

“I’ve had surgery in the past. I had a CS, and the pain alone is enough to make me not recommend someone having surgery to improve their body. However, I am aware of the fact that people have the power and financial means to do it, so if you believe you can do it and it will help you improve your self-confidence, then go ahead,” the singer added.

In the interview below, you will hear her say:

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