Why do Ghanaians say “Charlie
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Something strange happened to me when I visited Togo, our neighboring country. In the car, the person sitting next to me unintentionally stepped on me, and I screamed Charlie! Then he revealed that you are a Ghanaian! How did you find out? Charlie, you just said it! He’s from Nigeria.

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I’m having trouble determining the “charley” epoch “However, it has long been used in Ghanaian slang.

It is yet another distinguishing feature that distinguishes Ghanaians wherever they go. It’s a different way of saying “hello” or “hi.” “Depending on the circumstances, it can also be referred to as buddy, paddy, or a friend, as well as drawing a friend’s audience.

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Now! Why do Ghanaians say or use the word “Charlie”? It is more indigenous and more relatable than other words.

For example, Charlie meki go! That is, let’s go, buddy….