The award-winning dancehall singer, Charles Nii Armah Mensah, known as Shatta Wale, has dropped a song in support of the viral Kumasi boys who coined the term Kumerica.

The Ayoo hitmaker took a little break from the dance hall to record a rap song called Kumerica, and it’s going viral.


In the video viewed by, Shatta Wale was seen jamming a song that he had written and sang as he traveled around the area.


The dancehall star was seen in his newly-built BMW as he sang the ‘Kumerica’ anthem and went on to flaunt his costly Rolex watch.


In the video, there was a transition to a room where a group of boys believed to be the ones who started the Kumerica movement, saw Shatta Wale ‘s new tune jamming.

The boys, who were super excited to get into the books of one of Ghana’s most famous entertainers, were seen yelling “Kumerica” as they jumped up and down to the album.

The hyped Kumericans could not help but show their pride and also gave Shatta Wale some huge shoutouts as they shouted at his famous ‘paah’ signature.


Kumerica is one of the recent trends in Ghana that has started with a couple of young men who have been seen in some locally acquired American Accent (LAFA) videos.


Their video caught the attention of a lot of people and began to be viral, with a lot of people coming from the Ashanti region of Ghana claiming to be proud Kumericans.


View the video below: