According to Fameye, the winner of the BET award and multiple winner of the VGMA award, Sarkodie, should be left out of this year’s VGMA.

The ‘Mati’ hitmaker speaking in a TV3 interview clarified that King Sark has won several local awards, including that at VGMA, so he sees no justification for him to be back on this year’s list of nominees.


Fameye also confirmed that Sarkodie had to leave it (VGMA awards) for young artists like himself and other young acts to win.


“Sarkodie has won a lot of awards, and I don’t think he wants to win any more. He’s got to leave it to young artists like us to succeed. I love him a lot, and I think it’s time for him to leave in terms of winning awards, “Fameye said.

Sarkodie has carved a niche for himself in the Ghana Music Industry especially when it comes to rap music. The King of Rap has from time past stayed relevant in the game till now.


It’s with an undeniable fact that Fameye born Peter Famiyeh Bozah requests his exclusion from the awards system because he knows definitely he will win in any category he’s placed.


All is set for the biggest music awards night in Ghana as the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards is set to come off tomorrow, 29th August, 2020.