Actress and socialite, Efia Odo, referred to comedian DKB after alleging that her lack of endorsement deals stemmed from her sexually inappropriate behaviour.

Efia Odo revealed in a tweet that most Ghanaian celebrities don’t earn as much as they need to maintain their lavish lifestyles.

She was of the view in her tweet that some McDonald’s employees make more money than some of those celebrities that we have in Ghana.

Efia Odo noted that in Ghana the only thing that is exciting as a celebrity is the fact that you are going to be famous, and nothing else.

Her assertions did not go well with some prominent players in the industry as they saw her assertions as being more disrespectful to the celebrity title and a unfounded claim.

Following her remarks, DKB took a dig at her too. He hit her back. According to him, there are other female celebrities who are making headway in the industry because of their decency.

Well, Efia Odo, who is evidently dissatisfied with DKB ‘s remarks, has once again come down heavily on him.


The actress struck hard at the comedian while commenting on a video on Instagram.


She described the DKB as a comedian of low standard. Efia Odo added that she would not waste time reacting to someone who would not be able to crack a joke and make his life easier.


In her reply, Efia Odo revealed that her post has been to real hardworking celebrities who don’t make the money they deserve.

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Citing an example, her post centered on those who are expected to spend long days and hours not being paid what they deserve.

Check out her reply;


She wrote: DKB you’re not a celebrity so why did you even respond. Lol my comment had nothing to do with low grade comedian sweetheart. This post was to real hardworking celebs who don’t make the money they deserve. Like the ones who are on set for long days and hours and barely get paid what they deserve. Some don’t even get paid at all. So Please next time mind the business that pays you, you’re not a celebrity so this message wasn’t towards you. Influencer.

She warned DKB to next time mind his business that pays him because he’s not a celebrity

See post below;