Mr. Logic discussed Singer Wendy Shay and her role in the Ghanaian music industry in a viral video from an Interview with 3FM.

He expressed his annoyance at Rufftown ‘s record sign that she called herself the Queen of Ghana music even though she was doing well for herself and advancing her craft.


It is, in his view, a total foolish act for the singer to feel like the Queen of Music only because she associates herself with Shatta Wale, who is considered to be the King of Dancehall.


Logic also pointed out that Wendy Shay needs to concentrate on making better music, because not even one of her music has crossed the border to Togo, to talk about foreign songs.


Mr. Logic ‘s discovery seems to have hit a match in Bullet’s haystack.

In a Twitter post, he came down to the artist manager and called him a jobless man whose only dignity can be extracted from spewing nonsense on the radio.

He said;


“Everyone has the right to choose any name or title which one deems fit, that is why Mr. Foolish calls himself Mr. Logic and no one is annoyed. So why are u crying over the Queen of Ghana Music title. Wendy Shay is the Queen of Ghana Music period!!!!.”


Shortly after this, Bullet took to his Instagram to throw the final blow. He captioned a post saying;


“Mr logic sorry Mr foolish, stop attacking every artiste I produce. You started with ebony and now you’ve centered your hatred attention on Wendyshayofficial.

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