Instagram model, Efia Odo got a slammed from stand up comedian, DKB following her statement she made against the celebrities’ lifestyle in Ghana.

The actress is considered to be a socialist who still dissects his mind about the things going on in the country in the digital space.


Not long ago, the Instagram influencer discussed issues concerning Ghanaian celebrities’ living conditions and how they make their money.

She suggested that people working at McDonald’s in America make more money than most celebrities in Ghanaia.

She also added in her series of tweets about living conditions for actors, that there is no money in Ghana to make famous.

Well, her remarks do not seem to have gone well with some of the creative arts industry which DKB has blasted her.

According to DKB, some of the celebrities are disrespecting the Instagram sensation and have therefore attacked her as a pant remover and nipple shower.


He took his Instagram page and wrote When you constantly remove pants and show nipples like a pono auditions which organization will take you seriously? Don’t tell us when it is you alone, shut up and suffer your misery instead of disrespecting the field of creative arts, some of us have made a living out of it and created jobs through it for others.

Wear a kaba and slit for once, and see how many brand endorsements you’ll be chasing. Pioto Bonanza everyday …. MUTUMBANZA!


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