Don Cheadle is an powerhouse of an actor but he has also been outspoken about social injustices.

And the Marvel hero recently spoke to Jimmy Fallon about racism and his interactions with police.

On The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, the 55-year-old revealed his life changed when, as a kid, he moved from predominantly Black neighborhood in Kansas City, Missouri to the white suburbs, “That’s when a lot of bullying started when I was in school and definitely predicated on race. That’s when it started to be evident that the cops were not on team Don.”

When he moved to Los Angeles as an adult for his career, the police harassment continued, “I got stopped more times than I can count… I always fit the description. I used to finish their sentences. They’d go, ‘we’re stopping you because…’ and I’d go, ‘I fit the description. I know.'”

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He continued, “This is something that was happening over and over again. I had good friends that were almost killed by the police for nothing.”

The actor also stressed the importance of voting and reminded us this election “will not be easy.”

Cheadle is currently starring in season two of Black Monday on Showtime. See the interview with Jimmy Fallon below:

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