Singer Nautyca came out to say he discovered Kelvyn Boy and was also the first to take him to the studio.

These revelations were made in an interview with the award-winning popular broadcaster, Abeiku Santana, on Okay FM.

According to Nautyca, he found Kelvyn Boy in a band from who had come to Tema to perform.

Nautyca noted that his friends were at a show where Kelvyn Boy also performed with his live band and he was told about the performance of Kelvyn Boy. He made contact with Kelvyn Boy, and from there they became friends.

When questioned further, he added that he (Nautyca) wanted them to be a group after a series of rehearsals together that made him feel that they could be connected.

Nautyca stated that they could not become a group after Kelvyn Boy had been discovered by Meme Life in one of his annual shows.

When asked why Kelvyn Boy refers to Stonebwoy as his godfather rather than him (Nautyca), he said that Stonebwoy ‘s brand was a brand that was already doing well, and maybe the next artist felt that an association with that brand would take him as far as he (Nautyca) and Kelvyn Boy were all trying to find their feet in the music industry.


“I sent him to the studio for the first time,” said Nautyca.

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