BISA KDEIIn the recently released “Next Chapter” video, Ghanaian highlife artist Bisa Kdei discussed the terrible twirls that had occurred in his musical career.

The highly awaited “Original” album by the highlife artist, which consists of 14 tracks, was recently published.

The ‘Next Chapter’ video, which opens Bisa Kdei’s album and contains some intriguing imagery, has just been made public.

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The high life musician described in the song how he was tricked during the 2016 VGMAs, when he was sure he would be crowned the best artist of the year.

The film shows the ups and downs Bisa Kdei went through after losing his mother in 2015, as well as some internet users labeling him as a funeral performer.

He states that despite this, he has continued to make successful songs and perform on stages throughout the world.

Check the video below;