According to a brief video obtained by yesternight Saturday, April 23rd, Kelvyn Brown, better known by his stage name Kelvyn Boy, was ridiculed by students at the University of Cape Coast.

We recently updated our fans that Kelvyn Boy, the Down Flat hitmaker, paid a visit to the campus (University of Cape) on Saturday, April 23rd, 2021, to perform a stage show. But this comes after Kelvyn Boy was seen being attacked by students of the University of Cape Coast. We couldn’t narrate what actually happened. From the report we’ve gotten now, Kelvyn Boy was supposed to perform at UCC yesterday, but his team came too early.

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They had wanted to perform at 9 pm and rush back to UPSA (University of Professional Studies Accra) since they had another program there.

That was when the misunderstanding between the student and Kelvyn boy set in. Because under no circumstances should a headliner perform too early while the campus artists are not even done performing.

“He was expected to grace the event.” “No event organizers will allow such a move to happen,” said UCC students. “

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