A social media user identified as Yaa Assor has called on Facebook to caution celebrities in Ghana not to display their wealth and assets on social media, but instead to use them to solve issues affecting Ghanaian society.

In a long Facebook post, the fan explained the explanation for celebrities to depart from the normal dilly and cosmetic display of happiness and fulfillment on social media to a state of self-consciousness about the needs of society and how it can be overcome.

As a result, she urged celebrities to use the exposure they have today to make a positive impact on society by addressing social issues and bringing positive change to all.

View her post below:

I don’t know why these celebrities keep flaunting and challenging themselves with their properties and money, whiles they haven’t been able to solve a single social problem in the country. Teenage pregnancy, streetism, homelessness, unemployment, drug abuse are all social problems in this country. Everyone is waiting for the government to solve it, because we all think that is the responsibility of the government. Since the government is not doing it, why don’t you help Mr Richman and Richwoman.

What will I gain as an individual when you tell or show me the number of houses you have, and the cars you drive? Would it change my story? Would that put food on my table? Would it help the economy in anyway? Is that a business plan or a business capital?

o you think you are motivating us with these things? Who told you flaunting your cars and mansions is motivation. If you want to encourage people to be successful like you, it will be best if you teach them how to fish and provide them with the fishing materials. Giving five people training in beads making, sowing, hairdressing and carpentry is not too much for your too much money. This is what you need to flaunt. Flaunt the social problem you have solved, flaunt the number of people you have impacted with your money and encourage people to do same, rather than giving the youth fake pressure.

You only increase crime rate in the country with your childish behaviour. Low minded people will be forced by your fake pressure, and do the impossible, and unthinkable just to prove a point.

It’s time these celebrities change this dumb mentality.